Curriculum - Art

Diane Mercer is our Art Teacher. 

Hello, my name is Mrs. Diane Mercer and I teach the Visual Art program here at  Surfside Primary. I am passionate about Art, and strive to implement a program that is exciting and diverse in a fun relaxed atmosphere. Over the course of a year students are provided a wide range of art making activities learning to use new media, materials and techniques. Sculpture, drawing, modeling, painting, collage, construction and printmaking are just some of the activities we do here at Surfside. As a teacher I feel I have the knowledge and skills to deliver a high quality program to all students!

iPads in the Art room: We are an iPad school so why not use them in the art room! In the middle and upper school a greater emphasis is made on the planning and refining of designs to be used in in their art making. Students are encouraged to draw inspiration from many sources. Using iPads to find images is an effective way to allow students to examine the art of others, to generate ideas, and to provide a visual reference for their drawings.  

Art Appreciation: It is important for children to see and learn about the achievements of others to develop a greater appreciation for the Art in their own community and wider world. As inspiration for their art making students learn to use a range of sources to generate design ideas such as: real life observation, drawing from their imagination, examining the art of others past and present from our own and other cultures, and by linking Art with their classroom unit topics. It is fun to learn about pop artists like Andy Warhol or Impressionist painters like Monet! 

 Arts Celebration Evening: Each year the Visual Arts and Music/Performing Arts combine forces to put on a fantastic evening to celebrate student achievement, and to provide the opportunity for students to perform for an audience. The music concert is filled with fun song and dance routines performed by all grade levels held here in the school hall. Students dress up in costume and really get into their performance roles. As part of the Art show, all students create at least 2 pieces of art to exhibit. This wonderful whole school community event is held every September near the end of Term 3. It is a night not to be missed!

Art Events/Projects: Each year our school participates in several community based Art events including a display in the Education Pavillion at the Royal Geelong Show, decorating a wooden Christmas tree for the City of Greater Geelong, creating lanterns for the Ocean Grove Carols by Candlelight, and creating collaborative art works for our own school environment such as murals, mosaics, and bollards.