Curriculum - Kitchen Garden News

What’s been happening in our Kitchen and Garden?                                                      

All classes have had their first sessions in both the Kitchen and Garden.

The MLC Garden classes have been focussed on the correct use of tools.  We have learnt the difference between a shovel and a spade and have safely used these tools in the garden.

The SLC students have been researching herbs.  We have been finding out their country of origin, their uses and even found out some recipes that we could use in the kitchen.

Kitchen sessions have started with a refresher course involving safety procedures.  No time was wasted getting into cooking with a fantastic array of food created and enjoyed! Potato Pizza was the highlight.

The MLC students enjoyed their first session and proved to be talented and enthusiastic mini masterchefs.


For a copy of all the recipes – check out our download section. 

If you are able to help out in the Kitchen sessions or with the chooks over weekends and holiday's, please pop in and say hi to Anna:

The Surfside Kitchen Garden program is proudly sponsored by: Driftwood Cafe in Ocean Grove, Kingston Estate and Wallington Rural.