Our Community - School Canteen

Canteen Guidelines

· Our menus are sourced and prepared using fresh ingredients and is in line with the Victorian Government Healthy Food Guidelines. Most of all it is very tasty!

· The canteen menu will reflect these new guide lines with a health conscious view of preparing and serving fresh and healthy food whilst also including seasonal produce from the Surfside Primary School Garden when possible.

· The menu will be seasonal to reflect the freshest ingredients.


Operation Times and Menus

The canteen operates 5 days a week at recess and lunchtime and is run by Julie's Tucker Box.


Lunch Ordering

The child's lunch order should be written out on a brown paper bag stating the child's name, grade and room number with the correct change sealed inside a plastic sealed bag. Please place the money inside the paper bag with the top of the paper bag folded over.

The lunch order is then placed into the ‘classroom lunch order basket’ and taken to the canteen. Lunch is returned at lunchtime. Any snacks throughout the day can also be placed in with the lunch order to save your child carrying

money. (To receive snacks at recess, if placed with lunch order, students need to come to the canteen and note that they have a lunch order.  For lunch time snacks, if placed with lunch order, the bag needs to be brought back to the canteen at lunchtime as proof of purchase to receive food.)


1. On the outside of a paper bag clearly write your child's name, grade, room number and details of lunch order.

2. Place correct money in a plastic bag inside the paper bag.

3. Please do not sticky tape the paper bag closed.

4. Orders are placed in lunch baskets in each classroom at the start of the day and taken to the canteen by 9:15am.

5. A monitor picks up the basket at 1.05 p.m. and takes the lunches back to the classroom.

Nutrition Policy

Surfside Primary is a great environment to promote an enjoyment of healthy eating through our new Canteen menu and Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program.

For many students who use the canteen regularly, the food purchased here makes a significant contribution to their food intake and nutrition. For those students who do not use the school canteen regularly, the canteen still plays an important educational and modeling role for healthy eating habits.

The Surfside Primary School Canteen menu has been developed in accordance with The ‘Go for your life’ Healthy Canteen Kit where foods have been ranked according to their nutritional value according the Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents in Australia.

Green – Every day food. These foods are encouraged and promoted

Amber – Select carefully. These foods must not dominate the menu and be sold only in small portions.

Red – Occasional Foods. These are sold no more than twice a term.

For further information on the ranking of food and the ‘Go For Your Life’ Healthy Canteen Kit as well as recipes sourced from this program: www.goforyourlife.vic.gov.au Healthy Canteen Kit

Special Dietary Requirements

If your child has any special dietary requirements please feel free to contact me to discuss.



If you are interested in helping out at the Canteen and can spare an hour or two, please feel free to contact me.



The Surfside Canteen will be a place of importance where parents, teachers and students work together to support a whole school approach to building a school culture in which students actively choose nutritious foods and a healthy lifestyle.


Julie Terry - trading as Julie's Tucker Box

Canteen Operator