Our School - Sustainability

Surfside Primary School is working towards 5 star accreditation as a Resource Smart AuSSI Vic School.

We have currently completed our Energy module and currently working on implementing waste minimisation strategies to assist with us completing our Waste module. We are also in the progress of completing our Water and Biodiversity module. 

NudeFood 5 days per week!

Every day all classes aim to bring Nude Food to school. ie Wrapper free foods. Classes monitor how much waste is coming to school. An award is given to the class at assembly with the least amount of wrappers.

Energy Champions!

Surfside Primary School has won the Energy Champions Challenge for the Barwon South West Region. This means we that we have the lowest energy consumption of any school per student in our region. It is mostly due to the amount of energy we produce from the solar panels installed on the SLC roof last year. We have won $1000 to go towards further Sustainability initiatives. 

Energy Minimisation

Each class has an energy monitor to ensure lighting is turned off during breaks. The school is also installing the latest LED technology to minimise energy usage.

Our Sustainability Policy is available for download.