Our School - Message from the Principal

Welcome to Surfside Primary School.

Our school motto is "Believe in Yourself".

If students feel good about themselves, feel confident in their own skills and abilities, feel supported and encouraged, and "believe in themselves", then quality learning has a far greater chance of happening.

The staff at Surfside Primary School look for opportunities to demonstrate through their classroom approach, that all students are valued and able to achieve individual success in a variety of ways.

At Surfside we have a commitment to a caring and safe atmosphere, which promotes emotional, social and academic development. We operate as a community where students, teachers and parents contribute to an open, welcoming and trusting environment with high expectations of everyone. We provide a planned stimulating learning atmosphere promoting a variety of teaching and learning styles, emphasising individual effort and improvement. We offer well-resourced programs, with an emphasis on fun, excitement, appropriate risk taking and creativity. We are proud to be a Kids Matter school.

Our Values

The school upholds the values of Respect, Honesty, Teamwork and Achievement.


-We respect ourselves, each other and our environment.
-We are safe, fair and friendly.
-We value the diversity of individuals in our school community.

-We work, learn and play together
-We communicate effectively.
-We work in partnership with students, teachers and families to provide the best opportunities for everyone.

-We speak truthfully, expect the truth and reflect on our actions.
-We give constructive and positive feedback in a respectful manner.

-We set goals, work hard, stick to the task and celebrate our accomplishments.
-We work together to achieve the best result.

-We focus on being persistent, organised, resilient, confident and getting along with others



We endeavour to apply these values in our everyday dealings with each other and in the development of our programs and policies.


The basic principle that underlines our values is that we are Safe, Fair and Friendly in all that we do. Safe, Fair and Friendly is our Student, Staff and Parent code of conduct.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school.



    Mark Huglin Principal