Our School - Vision Statement


School Vision
To provide a caring, dynamic and challenging learning environment that encourages all children to achieve their full potential and develop the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviours to become valued and productive members of the community and global society. We aim to “Grow Great Kids”.
For students, staff and parents, we ensure learning is authentic, relevant and engaging.
Our focus at Surfside is ‘Learners at the Centre’, which encompasses the students, staff, parents and community members. Learners at the Centre means
That the students:
-          Aim to be the best they can be
-          Have individual learning goals
-          Have individual starting points for learning
-          Work to achieve their potential
-          Develop the skills to take responsibility for their own learning
That staff:
-          Put children’s learning at the forefront of planning and activities
-          Support students to maximise their potential
-          Develop the child as a whole – socially, academically, emotionally, physically
-          Cater for different learning styles
-          Are active members of Professional Learning Teams
That parents:
-          Understand their child is valued as an individual
-          Have shared understandings with the school
-          Are part of a team approach – parents, teachers, students
-          Are offered opportunities to share in learning.
The community:          
-          Has shared understandings with the school