Parents - Ipads at Surfside

In recent years Surfside has increasingly used iPads in the classroom and now all children in Foundation-Grade 2 have access a bank of shared iPads in their class. In 2017 we expanded our iPad strategy so that students in Grades 3-6 now have individual iPads. We have found these devices to be the most innovative and engaging way to involve technology in the classroom.
All students in Grades 3-6 are requested to purchase their own iPads directly from a retailer of their choice. Students are asked to bring their own iPad to school each day, where it is connected to the school's wi-fi for internet access, data storage and printing. Families will also be requested to purchase a range of apps considered essential for school. These apps remain the property of each family and are loaded on each individual device.

Families who are unable to afford the upfront cost of an iPad can contact the school to arrange purchase on your behalf and a purchasing plan.